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Dealer Office

Get your Dealer License.  We have Dealer Office Space for Rent that is DMV/City Approved for your Dealer License.  Best of all we can walk you through the Dealer License Application process. 

Get Your Dealer License in In California

Get your Dealer License.  Whether you're interested in generating passive income or pursuing a passion for the automotive industry, we have Dealer Office Space that are designed to help you start and run your business with confidence.

Dealer License

Disclaimer: Inland Valley Auto Mall is not affiliated with Dealer 101. This is a referral only and we do not provide the DMV Courses listed.

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Includes Compliance Staffing

DMV Link

Cartoon Police Officer

One Year Lease

  1. Dealer Application Support on our VIP Content - Self Guided.

  2. Weekly Compliance Staffing included

  3. One Car Spot DMV Display

  4. Your own DMV/City Approved Office

  5. Office Furniture/Locking Cabinet

  6. Signage Inside per OL Regulations

  7. Sign Outside per OL Regulations

  8. Annual Compliance Staffing 

  9. Dealership Temp Tag Software 

  10. Digital Dealer Mail on Demand 

  11. Super Saver  $300 Retail x 12

  12. Retail $395 + $395 to start

  13. Wholesale $250 +$250 to start

  14. FREE Dealership Cloud Framework
  15. Co-Host your DMV Inspection 

  16. NO Phone Support 

One Year Lease

  1. Includes First Tier Retail Packages

  2. DMV Portal Set-up (No Data) 

  3. DMV Portal Enter Data that YOU Create

  4. Access VIP Content Library - Self Guided 

  5. Coaching by TextLine  Dealer Application

  6. Dealership Cloud Framework 

  7. Co-Host your DMV Inspection 

  8. NO Phone Support 

  9. DMV/City Compliant Office

  10. Office Furniture/Locking Cabinet

  11. Signage Inside per OL Regulations

  12. Sign Outside per OL Regulations

  13. City Business License  +City Fee

  14. Digital Dealer Mail on Demand 

  15. Weekly Compliance Staffing included  

  16. Dealership Temp Tag ROS Incl


Cartoon Police Officer

Includes Compliance Staffing

One Year Lease

  1. Includes First & Second Tier Packages

  2. With two months Dealer Rent $790 

  3. Includes $395 DMV Signage Package

  4. Monthly Compliance Staffing included

  5. LLC Help (Ca. Only - No Foreign)

  6. CDFTA Seller Permit Prep

  7. IRS Tax ID Set-up

  8. Dealer $50,000 Bond ($750 Credit)

  9. VIP - Manheim In-Person Event 

  10. Telephone Support 7am - 7pm

  11. Text Line Support 7am - 7pm

  12. VIP Coaching "Before & After" Licensure

  13. VIP Zoom Coaching - Deal Flow

  14. VIP Coaching Customer Finance

  15. VIP Coaching Inventory Finance

Does Not Include Dealer Plate, Dealer Endorsement or any other serviced not expressed herein Times Lines for us to Submit everything to the DMV is 30 Days - then DMV has their own Lead-Times

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